Ka Punahou

Op-Ed: Why Cancelling School Was Right

Cooke Hall on Punahou Campus

Robert Liu

May 20, 2020

  Arriving at the Hilton in a limousine with my closest friends, clad in tuxes, ready to take the dance floor at prom. Spiking a volleyball through the air as I frolic around the beach during senior skip day. Crying with laughter as I throw my graduation cap in the air along with the rest of ...

Perspective: Teachers Are Trying Their Hardest

Screenshot of a  typical Webex classroom

Mallory Meister

May 20, 2020

  Covid-19, or coronavirus,  has swept through America. The continental US diagnosed the first cases in January and February 2020 and Hawai’i received it’s first case on March 20. The local spread of Covid-19 caused all public and private schools in Hawai’i to close, forcing students to l...