Expanding Horizons in Times of Uncertainty


In these times of great uncertainty and isolation, many in the Punahou community have found themselves with a great deal of extra time on their hands. This has motivated a number of students to expand their horizons and try new, intriguing hobbies. 

“Over quarantine, I decided to explore and discover different passions I never knew I had,” Sophia Woofter ‘23 says. “I was able to step out of my comfort zone and try new things like surfing, baking, and gardening.”

Students are finding joy through these new activities and have been able to combat their boredom in a novel way. It has been exciting and freeing for them to have the opportunity to try something new. Many have reported that their creativity has flourished during this time, allowing them to have a more positive outlook on the world and the tough situation we are currently facing.

Maddy Hodge ‘23 says, “I feel like during quarantine the only way not to feel lazy and lethargic was to get a new hobby. I started to bake a lot, which I think everyone in my household enjoyed. Also, on many occasions I cooked dinner for my parents.” Hodge believes that she has felt better in quarantine since taking up these new activities.

Students have also used this rare gift of time to explore artistic pursuits. “I’ve found that I’ve become really interested in architectural design and learning about buildings over the past couple of months,” Joy Leung ‘23 says. “I also have started to experiment with digital art and I really enjoy it!” Alternatively, Celina Lim ‘23 has found that she really likes gardening and making haku lei with the flowers she grows. Alyson Hirota ‘21 has started making spiral lanyard ribbon lei in her free time and has really enjoyed it thus far. 

Many in the community have also used their free time as an opportunity to get into surfing, as it is one of the few activities that is still permitted during the government lockdown. Cassidy Kawashima ‘23 says, “I had always thought surfing would be cool to learn and I knew that it was one of my dad and uncle’s hobbies when they were younger, so I decided to try it as a family bonding activity. I’m so glad I did, because now I’ve found a new passion and I am able to have fun while also safely hanging out with my family and friends.”

These new activities are helping the community to be healthier and happier, as most involve getting exercise, being outside, or taking a break from technology. As very busy students, the Punahou community has recognized this situation as a rare gift of extra free time, allowing the exploration and pursuit of new and engaging hobbies.