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Op-Ed: Senior Sing Is Worth It

Virtual choir for the 2020 Baccalaureate


Several weeks ago now, we seniors received a devastating announcement regarding the cancellation of our commencement ceremony, indicating that there would also be no senior chapel, baccalaureate, or senior sing. Students, including me, have vented their disappointment on social media platforms, expressing their hatred towards the coronavirus and lack of motivation for school. 

Various senior event committees have been working hard to plan “virtual” alternatives for these events. Starting on April 20th, the senior sing committee began online rehearsals for students interested in being a part of the virtual choir led by the Grammy winner, Eric Whitacre. However, quite a few students have not been participating in the project, saying that they lost motivation, or it’s not worth the effort since there is no “real” graduation. 

Kauai Paule ‘20 commented, “I have not participated in any of the virtual choir assignments mainly because I don’t have the motivation to do it. With everything becoming online, I don’t really feel like I am creating a stronger bond with my classmates or a sense of accomplishment doing these since I would have to sing by myself and turn it in individually.” 

It is completely understandable to feel discouraged and even betrayed that we’ve worked so hard and diligently, only to have the last and best part of our high school life taken away from us; I used to feel that way too. But should we let the coronavirus ruin our entire senior year? Absolutely not. Whether it be in-person or virtual, there are teachers, parents, and our classmates putting a lot of time and effort into making our senior events happen. We need to take this opportunity to enjoy every bit of our remaining time as seniors, which means taking part in everything we can still do. 

Alison Takamiya ‘20 partaking in the virtual choir project shared, “I think students should take part because even though we can’t be together in person, participating shows that we can still come together as a class during this tough time.”

Being a part of these events is not only exciting and memorable, but it is also a way to show gratitude to our families, peers, and teachers for their continuous support through school and life. 

Class of 2020 Dean and College Counselor Marguerite Ashford ‘71 said, “Having a virtual choir enables us to capture some of that spirit, and also lets us show seniors and their families the faces of the class, which helps to personalize the ceremony. We’re also hearing from seniors that participating in this activity helps them to still feel a part of the Class of 2020, and we want to encourage that bond as much as possible.” 

In the absence of a worldwide pandemic, we would have the opportunity of celebrating our accomplishments and appreciating those who have supported us in person. Even in this chaotic situation, we must be optimistic and grateful that we still have a way to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and success. Having negative thoughts is not going to improve the situation, and we should not let it take the excitement away from us. 


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