From the Vault: Carnival Chair 1932 meets Carnival 1997

“From the Vault” features articles from previous volumes of Ka Punahou to honor KP’s historic 102-year past. Courtesy of the Punahou Digital Archives.

This 12 page issue includes a total of 23 articles. The headliner is undoubtedly the preparation underway for the 1997 Punahou Carnival, themed “Down on the Farm”. This write up breaks down this upcoming carnival into the Memories of Past Carnivals, Preparations for Carnival, and The Senior Variety Show. Traditions of course, remain at the heart of every Punahou Carnival, and this junior class, hosting the 62nd one, had every intention of honoring this. As carnival rapidly approached, the chair of the very first Punahou Carnival, Arthur Willoway, planned to walk the grounds. The Seniors spent their time eagerly practicing for the annual Senior Variety Show. The Juniors continued to work tirelessly in hopes of providing a carnival with “wonderful memories”, and looking back on this article now, the wonderful memories they did provide.